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Tap into the expertise of top collegiate retailing experts

Outdated systems, unfriendly fixture layouts, stale merchandise assortments, and clunky ecommerce systems have a devastating effect on sales. But how do you know which areas need help? And what are the best solutions to improve performance? 

indiCo’s Store Management and Operations Overhaul is a breath of fresh air for your entire retail operation. Our expert consultants examine your store for areas that could be holding back your success, and share best-practice retailing and merchandising strategies with you from successful stores around the country. 

The custom analysis includes:

  • Store systems, including POS and inventory control
  • eCommerce operations
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Customer service
  • Campus relations and communications

Once identified, indiCo consultants will prepare detailed recommendations for technology solutions, merchandise updates, opportunities for improved traffic flow and pricing modifications that will bring more people into the store and increase spend during their visit. 

College bookstores have special operational needs. Our consultants have each been successful Store Directors. They understand your needs, and how to move you to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. 

Have questions? Contact us for more info.

Attention to inventory and benchmarking against industry data helped Maryville University Bookstore improve its financial performance.

Read how.