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New Store Model? No Problem

Transitioning to a new retail model can be intimidating, which is why it’s best not to go it alone. indiCo consultants have experience in managing transitions, and can help develop a roadmap for you to assure you don’t encounter anything unexpected and details don’t fall between the cracks.

We’re available to help store that are currently operating under lease contract to return to independence, either in a full-service or hybrid operating model. We can also assist institutionally-run stores transition to a hybrid operating model, to assure your costs are kept low and your operations remain efficient during and after the changeover.

The scope of services will vary depending upon the models selected, but our expertise includes the following evaluations and recommendations:

The difference is our consultants – they know collegiate retailing. They’re experienced, successful college bookstore directors themselves who are now utilizing their skills and expertise to help other stores succeed.  Most frequently, our engagements revolve around providing solutions in the following areas.

Software –indiCo will provide oversight of all areas of the procurement process and serve as the project lead for the university in communicating with the technology companies for installation, testing, and integrating with campus solutions.

Staffing – indiCo will assist with the recruiting, screening, and training of all necessary staff. This will include job description reviews, recommendations on posting jobs on social media sites and in college bookstore professional networks.

Physical Space Review – Review of the current bookstore and campus center space and recommendation on how to best utilize the space, improve traffic, and awareness of the store.

Financial Goals –We will help to identify business opportunities for the store to provide services and merchandise that can grow sales, improve store traffic, and increase profits.

Merchandise Assortment Planning – indiCo will provide guidance on general merchandise assortment planning, recommendations on floor layout and merchandising, and recommendations on fixtures and fixture companies.

Marketing – We’ll work with the university and the university marketing department to select a store name and logo if needed and develop a marketing plan for the new store.

Physical Store Transition – indiCo will manage the transition team that will be responsible for all steps necessary to transition the store from the current lease operator to an institutional campus store.

Questions? Contact us for a complimentary phone consultation.

Compare the contribution of your independent store with what it would be under a typical lease contract with this handy calculator. Try it.