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Survey your Students or Faculty about your Campus Store

Do you know if you’re really serving your faculty’s needs? How do your students feel about pricing in your store? What would entice them to shop in your store more frequently? What are your faculty’s top adoption considerations?  


Our Campus Surveys are fast, easy to administer, and highly effective. You’ll get valuable insights into the perceptions of your students or faculty about your store, and discover ways to enhance its effectiveness.

New, lower-priced Basic Surveys give your keen insights into Customers or Faculty 

We’ve lowered the price on the Basic Survey to just $199 and, for a limited time, you can take advantage of our Fall Promotion for just $149 per survey – that’s affordable for everyone!  

OnCampus Research does all the legwork: We provide you with:

  • Targeted surveys with custom question opportunities
  • Online survey delivery, branded with your store logo
  • Data collection and tabulations

These easy-to-administer surveys have been crafted by the experts at OnCampus Research to gather the data that’s most important to improving your store’s service, assortment, pricing, and course materials offerings. 

Customer Surveys
These proven surveys ask all the right questions to help you gather key insights and recommendations from your customers, including students, alumni, visitors, and staff.
  • Satisfaction in six key areas, including service, course materials, general merchandise, website, and more
  • Course materials format and shopping preferences
  • Insights into the campus store shopping experience, including frequency of visits, viability of promotions, and product categories desired
  • Customer demographics
  • Overall store evaluation
Faculty Surveys
The store’s relationship with faculty is a critical one; this survey is an important step in building and improving relationships with faculty members. Find out attitudes including:
  • The course materials selection process, factors impacting current and future selections, amount of usage within class
  • Frequency of visits to the campus store, value of the store to faculty
  • Faculty demographics
  • Overall store evaluation

To schedule your survey, contact Brittany Conley at bconley@nacs.org
or call her at 800-622-7498. 

Customize your Basic Survey with more questions and detailed analysis
In addition to the Basic Customer and Faculty Surveys, Plus and Pro packages are also available to provide you with deeper insights into survey answers, additional analysis, stylized reporting, additional filters, and more. Additional survey and reporting options include:

  • Custom questions
  • Open-ended questions
  • Power Point report of your findings
  • Additional data segmentation
  • Deeper analysis, including implications and next steps

Customized Surveys for Auxiliary Services
Are you meeting the needs and expectations across multiple service areas on your campus, including the bookstore, food services and student unions. These completely customized surveys are designed to let Auxiliary departments:

  • Identify your unique strengths
  • Measure importance and satisfaction among your students
  • Uncover opportunities for improvement

Contact eriddle@nacs.org for more information and pricing.  


Take a look at this sample Customer Survey report to see the detailed information you’ll receive from your own report. 
See the sample report.