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Flash Reports offer a snapshot of same-store monthly sales

indiCo collects data from a small sample of campus stores throughout the country to provide a snapshot of industry sales data, by department, and monitor same-store sales from year to year. The data reported is the sum of sales of all stores that provided data for each category.

Sales data is captured in all bookstore retail categories, including new and used course materials, rentals and custom publishing, apparel, electronics, supplies, software and more. Sales data is segregated by institution type – community colleges, private colleges, and public universities – to allow for more accurate apples-to-apples comparisons.

Please note: The sample size in these reports is very small, and should not be used to project sales for any particular institution type, nor for trend predictions.

Login to access the Industry Statistics.

To view this information, you must be a full college store member of NACS and logged in.  If you are logged in and still unable to view the information please contact Member Concierge Services at membership@nacs.org.