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Simple Facebook Promo Doubles Daily Sales

Successful promotions don’t have to be elaborate, cost a lot of money, or even take much planning.  Just ask the staff at Belmont University Campus Store who doubled their daily sales from a spur-of-the- moment promotion.

After learning about a Facebook “check in” sale at CAMEX, the staff decided to try it for themselves. They quickly scheduled two check-in promotions and were thrilled with the results: About 75 customers took advantage of the discount and the store received 200 new “likes.”

“The first time was a spur of the moment idea. It was super easy and sales generated were exceptional.”

director, belmont, campus store
Catherine Murphy, CCR
Director of Belmont University Campus Store

facebook check in
A check-in from Miss Tennessee, Haley Lewis, (who finished in the top 10 of the Miss America Pageant in the fall).

The premise of a Facebook ‘”check in” sale is simple. Customers check in by posting they’re at the campus store on their personal Facebook page. When they show the post to the cashier, they receive a discount off their purchase.

A third Facebook promotion was scheduled for orientation.  “The promotions did so well, we have to be careful how often we do it,” said Murphy.

Minimal time and resources are needed to host the promotion as it relies mostly on word-of-mouth. “Students saw other students check in at the bookstore and asked why.  They then came in to redeem the discount themselves.”

Murphy suggests store managers consider other social media options, as well. “Think through what you will do if a customer does not have Facebook or social media at all.  We allowed them to tweet or post on Instagram. It’s okay if you don’t let them participate, but you need to be prepared.” 

Additionally, you need to make sure you have enough staff there to service the additional customers, she said. “While it can be easy sale to create, start, and promote, you must have staff there to execute.”