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Dedicated to Independent Stores: Your Success is Our mission

New technology and changing market conditions have pressured some institutions to elect alternative retailing options for providing course materials to students. indiCo is dedicated to providing informational resources and services that will enable university administrators to implement operational changes that strengthen store sales, systems, and processes. We provide case studies and resource information to encourage stakeholders to recognize that the independent store model will best support their school’s unique brand and foster student success.

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Evaluating Outsourcing Contracts

When an institution is considering the decision to outsource the campus bookstore, it’s important to consider all related costs, including transition and service costs that are often overlooked. Read this guide to get a better understanding of the real financial impacts of transition to lease.


Community College Summit

Ozarks Technical College went from lease back to self-operation with dramatically positive results. This PPT presentation outlines the goals, the methodology, and the outcomes.


Key Questions to Ask During the RFP Process

If you are considering moving to a leased store, make sure to get all the right information when talking to leased operators. These in-depth questions will help you assess whether leasing is right for your university and, if so, assure your contract encompasses all the key elements for keeping costs to a minimum.


Staying Independent

What do you do when your campus considers outsourcing? Or better yet, what should you do now to help ensure your store remains independent? This PPT presentation outlines the reporting, communication, and tracking exercises all campus stores should participate in to showcase the value of their store.