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Innovative Resources Strengthen your Store

indiCo is dedicated to helping independent stores succeed, and an important part of that is for stores to continuously improve their financial performance and operational efficiencies.

To help store directors and staff members maintain optimal effectiveness, indiCo has developed a number of tools and templates that are free to NACS members, all designed to help you benchmark, monitor, or enhance a particular area of your store’s operation.

Included in these toolkits are:

Lease vs. Independent Calculator: Plug in your financials to compare your store’s contribution as an independent operation compared with its contribution under a typical leased contract.

Sales Promotion Template: Monitor and evaluate your sales and marketing promotions with this handy spreadsheet; record actual results and notes for use in planning future events.

Organizational Structure Template: Use similar size store data to benchmark your staff composition and salary structure, monitor payroll expenses, and assure key job functions have adequate resources.

Digital Roadmap: Where are you on your journey into digital course materials? This guide will help you determine where you are and where you need to be.

Business Review Template: This 11-part PowerPoint template guides you to create a powerful presentation that can help you showcase the value of your store among key campus stakeholders.

Bursar Billing Checklist: If your store currently does not have financial integration with the Bursar’s office, this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to establish this process within your institution.

Systems RFP Template: Looking for a new POS system? These detailed templates will help structure your search and assure you’re acquiring all the information from vendors you’ll need to make the most effective decision.

Need some expert advice?

indiCo’s Consulting Services are right-sized packages that address key areas of your store’s performance.
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